On the Road: Recipe for Success

Updated: 10/14/2013 8:38 PM KSTP.com By: Jason Davis

If there really is a "Recipe for Success" it surely can be found in the stories of local entrepreneurs who have made their mark in the food and drink business.

Take a guy named Jack Link for example. A chance conversation on a hunting trip led to the development of a recipe for homemade beef jerky. That was more than 26 years ago. Today, Jack Link goes to work every morning in Minong, Wis. to manage the fastest meat snack company in the world.

Did you know there is only one distiller of whiskey in Minnesota? It is called "Panther Distillery" and its first "aged" whiskey should be available next year.

The name doesn't sound very tasty, but there's a new fish coming on the market that could not only make diners very happy, but stop an environmental disaster.

A Minnesota man named Dave Johnson is conducting a campaign to get the world to eat lion fish. An Asian predator that is spreading throughout warm waters in the Gulf of Mexico and down into the Caribbean. It is impossible to catch in nets and eats everything in its path.

And you don't have to fly to taste a special treat cooked up by three jovial ladies in Nisswa, Minn. Mary Etta Durham, her sister Elsie and daughter Debra can be found hard at work every morning at Schaeffer's Supermarket baking up a storm.

Mary Etta's Pies are famous throughout the region for a very good reason; they're delicious.