Bridge to Park in Kandiyohi Co. Deemed Unsafe for Heavy Vehicles

Updated: 10/13/2013 11:08 AM By: Cassie Hart

One-lane bridge has been downgraded.
One-lane bridge has been downgraded.
Photo: Photo courtesy of West Central Tribune.

The only bridge on the only road to a park on Big Kandiyohi Lake has deteriorated to the point that it's no longer safe for larger vehicles.
The one-lane bridge has been downgraded to a maximum load-bearing weight of 3 tons, the West Central Tribune reported. That's about the equivalent of a fully loaded pickup truck, said Gary Danielson, Kandiyohi County's director of public works.
That means the commercial garbage truck, propane delivery vehicle and gas truck won't be able to cross the bridge.
The bridge is considered "deficient" but that doesn't mean it's on the verge of collapse, public works engineer Ray Krossman said.
Danielson said the main problem was that the wooden support pilings were all going rotten at the same time. He said that was typical of timber bridges built 50 to 60 years ago.
Danielson said officials were considering urgent solutions so the bridge could be repaired by the time campers return to Kandiyohi County Park 2 next spring. Camping season is over this year.
Solutions include replacing timber bridges with cement structures, which would likely cost at least $150,000.
County Administrator Larry Kleindl said he was looking at ways to cover the cost. He noted that the project wasn't in the budget and said capital reserve funds may have to be tapped.

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