COLUMN: Aaron’s Backstage Pass: 'Care Bears' DVD Review

Updated: 10/16/2013 7:36 PM By: Aaron Chalich

Photo: Photo courtesy of Millcreek Entertainment

One of my greatest memories of growing up in the late '70s early '80s is watching Saturday morning cartoons. It was a time before cable television and all of the channels that are now dedicated to children’s programming.

I would look forward to Saturday morning all week and could not wait to get up at 6 a.m. and start watching all of my favorite cartoons.  We only had about five channels, but back then, that’s all I needed. I would watch cartoons from 6 a.m. until about 12 p.m.

When spots started, and I had a schedule of what I was going to watch and what channel the cartoon was on. I also had a younger sister growing up and we fought all the time, but Saturday mornings were the only times where we would get along and actually shared the television.  We agreed on the same cartoons, and if she wanted to watch a certain cartoon, then I got to watch one I wanted to, but there were a lot that we both liked.

One of the cartoons that my sister liked and wanted to watch was Care Bears, and we watched it every Saturday morning; so I have seen every episode that aired.

I do have to admit that I didn’t hate it, but I watched it and got to know the characters. 

The Care Bears were huge in the '80s, and they still are.  You can still buy the stuffed animals and Care Bear related toys, books and movies.

Mill Creek Entertainment has just released three Care Bear DVDs that are very entertaining and are great for kids and families to watch.

The Care Bears are a group of loveable and caring bears that live in a world called “Care-A-Lot” and they each have his/her own unique personality.  One of the bears has a rain cloud on his belly and his name is “Grumpy” and is grumpy and grouchy all the time.  Another bear has a rainbow on his/her belly, is named “Cheer Bear” and is happy all the time.
The Care Bears also have cousins called the “Care Cousins” and they appeared in later episodes of “The Care Bears.”  They are other animals that are not bears.  There’s a lion, monkey, penguin,  rabbit, and raccoon.

In the center of “Care-A-Lot” there is a caring meter.  One side is a rain cloud and on the other is a rainbow.  It is the job of the Care Bears to try and keep the caring meter as close as to the rainbow as they can.  They do this by helping people and by doing good deeds.
The thing that I like the most about The Care Bears is that there is always a positive message in every episode.

The three Care Bears DVD’s that are available from Mill Creek Entertainment each contain six warm and cheerful episodes.

The three DVD’s include the following episodes:

Beary Special Buddies-  “The Birthday,” “Camp,” “Braces,” “Split Decision,” “The Lucky Charm” and “Soap Box Derby.”

Wonderland Wishes – “The Last Laugh,” “The Show Must Go On,” “The Forest of Misfortune,” “The Magic Mirror,” “Daydreams” and “Runaway.”

Cuddles in Care-A-Lot – “Mayor for a Day,” “The Night the Stars Went Out,” “The Magic Shop,” “Concrete Rain,” “Dry Spell” and "Drab City.”

The quality of the DVDs is great, and the cartoons are exactly as I remember them. I have two daughters, and it was a lot of fun watching the Care Bear DVD’s with them and seeing their reactions to watching them for the first time. It brought back a lot of great memories.

I really enjoyed Mill Creek Entertainment’s “Care Bear” DVDs a lot. The quality of the cartoons were great and they were a lot of fun to watch and they have a great message. I know that kids and families are really going to enjoy these three “Care Bears” DVDs.

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