Mayo Doctor: Taking Guns Away from Mentally Ill Won't Prevent Mass Shootings

Updated: 10/16/2013 8:49 PM By: Cassie Hart

Guns on display in a store.
Guns on display in a store.
Photo: Photo: MGN/Online/ Beth Carey / Flickr

Following recent mass shootings, lawmakers and mental health experts alike have been looking for ways to prevent such horrific crimes.
A Mayo clinic physician, however, is arguing one proposal that's restricting gun access to the mentally ill. Dr. J. Michael Bostwick says regardless of laws a determined killer will find a way to kill.

"These mass shootings are carefully planned, and they're planned over weeks, often months, and there's plenty of time for someone to get a gun, because guns are easily accessible," said Bostwick.

Dr. Bostwick published his arguments online in Mayo Clinic Proceedings. He says Second Amendment rights should not be stripped from people because of mental illness.

He adds that only about 10 percent of mentally ill people are actually registered.