COLUMN: Aaron’s Backstage Pass: Disney Infinity Toy Story Play Set Review

Updated: 10/21/2013 4:57 PM By: Aaron Chalich

Photo courtesy of Disney Interactive.
Photo courtesy of Disney Interactive.

Disney Infinity” is an amazing game and has been a hot video game amongst kids and gamers. 

Disney Interactive just released the “Toy Story in Space” play set to be played with “Disney Infinity” and it’s the sixth one that has been released. I know it’s going to be one of the most popular play sets yet. 

The “Toy Story in Space” play set comes packaged with Jessie and Buzz Lightyear along with the rocket-shaped play set piece that looks really cool.  You can also buy Woody separately.

The story takes place in the Alien’s Pizza Planet, and you must save them and relocate them to a new world.  As soon as you begin your adventure, your first mission is to find batteries to power up the force field that is protecting the Aliens from a meteor shower.  Once you activate the force field, you can start helping all of the Aliens and other characters from the “Toy Story” movies like Hamm, Slinky and Rex.

I thought the story was great, and people who are fans of the “Toy Story” movies are really going to enjoy this game.  There is tons of humor in the game, and it’s clever. I thought how the characters interacted with each other was hilarious.  They all had their same personalities from the movies.

The graphics are amazing.  The characters and backgrounds are very bright and colorful.  Everything is very appealing to the eyes.  I also like how the animators captured the movements of the main characters like Jessie and Woody.  They are dolls and you feel like you are controlling dolls.

As you help the Aliens and your friends with different missions, you can unlock different things that will help you out in the game. The items will also appear in the Disney Infinity Toy Box.  Some of the things include Bullseye, different guns, buildings, characters, and Buzz Lightyear’s jet pack that will let you fly around.

Whenever you complete a mission, you will get crystals and there are also crystals lying around the Pizza Planet.  You use these crystals to buy the in game items like buildings and the special guns.

There are also vaults that only certain characters can open. When you approach the vault, there will be a picture of Jessie, Woody, or Buzz and you need that character to open them up.  They contain crystals and something unique that you can use in the Toy Box.  There is also one huge vault that will only open if you have all three characters, and the contents are awesome.  I will not tell you what’s inside, but it’s worth having all three characters.

The thing that I really enjoyed about the “Toy Story in Space” play set is that you never know what you will encounter.  There are so many surprises.  I don’t want to spoil anything, but I will tell you that there are pools of goo that if you jump in, it will shrink your character and you have to figure out how to bring them back to normal size.

Overall I really thought that Disney Interactive’s “Toy Story in Space” play set was amazing.  It was fun and there are tons of missions and tasks you must do.  I consider myself a pro gamer, but after ten hours of playing, there were still tons of missions left. I never did the same mission twice, and that’s impressive. I know that fans of the “Toy Story” movies are going to enjoy this as much or probably more than I did.

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