1st Freeze Means Less Allergies, Mosquitoes

Updated: 10/22/2013 7:38 AM KSTP.com By: Tim Sherno

With a freeze predicted for the Twin Cities Metro, Minnesotans prepare for the transition from warm weather to cold.

Sue Hustings from Highland Nursery in St.Paul says much of the garden will be lost to the frost, so work will shift to preparing for next year, "The thing now is to go out there and start cleaning out... composting all the plants that look bad right now."

On the bright side, allergy sufferers should experience relief as pollen production is shut down by dropping temperatures. Paul Glaser is a Research Professor at the University of Minnesota in the Earth Sciences Department, he says the freeze should please people who sneeze, "It kills all the flowers. It kills all the vegetation, so there's a big drop off in the pollen production and that should make everyone a lot happier."

Mike McClean is with the Metro Mosquito Control District, he says Minnesotans can all say goodbye to nuisance mosquitos, "We've had quite a bit of tapering off in the month of October which is typical. The first hard frost that we're supposed to be getting really does mark the end of the human biting mosquito season."