COLUMN: Aaron’s Backstage Pass: Wipeout: Create & Crash Wii U Review

Updated: 10/22/2013 4:49 PM By: Aaron Chalich

Photo courtesy of Activision.
Photo courtesy of Activision.

I just played a review copy of Activision’s “Wipeout: Create & Crash” for the Wii U with my family, and we had a great time.

You can play one or four players, and I would highly recommend that you play with other people because it really adds to the fun.  This is a great family and party game.

“Wipeout: Create & Crash” is based on the popular game show “Wipeout” on ABC where contestants compete against each other to see who can go through one of the most extreme and challenging obstacle courses the fastest.  The courses are designed to be almost impossible for the contestants to make it through.  There are also tons of hidden surprises and things that will knock the people into the water.  “Wipeout” features interesting people that sometimes wear silly costumes which makes the show very entertaining in my opinion.

“Wipeout: Create & Crash” is a hilarious game that contains 12 very challenging courses that all have very unique and create themes like the wild west or Halloween.  The Halloween themed course is my favorite one because it looks awesome, and all of the obstacles are Halloween related.  There are haunted houses and ghosts. 

You start out with only being able to play four courses, and as soon as you complete one, you will unlock another course.  There are four levels in each course.  Two of the courses are qualifying levels where you have to try and get through them as quickly as you can, and the third level is the final course that is more challenging than the previous two courses.  The other course is a bonus mini game.

There are different challenges that you can attempt in each course such as finding and collecting 15 golden rings.  If you find all 15 rings you will gain a trophy, and there are rings in every course, so you can get up to four trophies per level. 

You can change the difficulty of the course at before you play, and if you play the hardest difficulty called “Black and Bruised” you will also get a trophy.

At the beginning of the course as the commentators are talking, you can choose a random bonus for the level.  It could increase your defense, give you more speed to get through the course quickly and there are many other bonuses that you will have to discover for yourself.

I would have to say that “Wipeout: Create & Crash” is by far the most challenging “Wipeout” game yet.  In the past games you could pretty much fly through the levels without too much difficulty, but now you have to really pay attention to where traps are, and you have to use your quick reflexes.

The graphics are pretty good, and the courses look great.  The characters that you can play as and unlock are pretty funny and all have their own unique looks and personalities.  I really liked that because every time you play “Wipeout,” you can choose a different character.

Another really cool thing is that they used the personalities of John Anderson and John Henson who are the hosts of the television show.  They used their real voices, and they sound like they are right there in your living room.  At the beginning of each game they talk about the course and have tons of hilarious things to say. They also make funny comments as you are going through each level.

The controls for “Wipeout” are very easy to learn and everyone who plays it will be able to pick up the controller and play.  You move your characters with the analog stick, and you can duck, slide, and jump, so it’s pretty simple.

As you go through each level, you will gain “Ballsy Bucks,” by collecting rings and by how fast you make it through.  You can spend the Ballsy Bucks on new characters, costumes and traps for your “build a course” mode.

When you first load up “Wipeout,” you are asked if you would like to play the “Daily Course Challenge” and if you do, you will get extra Ballsy Bucks.  I recommend that you do that each time, because you can get a lot of bucks to unlock more things.

One neat thing when you are going through the courses is that whenever you get knocked off, you get the option to replay the video of you flying into the water.  It’s from a different angle, and it’s pretty funny.

There are many different game modes that you can play in “Wipeout: Create & Crash” that are extremely fun, and one of the new features is the “create a course mode.”  Here you get the opportunity to build your own “Wipeout” course that you can go through.  You can choose your theme and all of the traps, and you also get the place the traps throughout the course.  You can use your Ballsy Bucks to buy the traps and themes.  I really thought designing a course was very easy and was very impressed at how simple it was.  There is a tutorial that you can watch that explains what you need to do, and it is very well done and easy to follow.

When you first start out, you can choose the theme of the course and then the layout.  To create your course, you move the analog stick or directional pad left and right and when you get to a spot where you want to place a trap, you move the analog stick or directional pad up or down.  As you are working on your course, you can test it out by pushing the “-“ button and your character will drop into the course and go through it.  I really liked that all of the traps were ranked with one, two or three stars depending on their difficulty to get through. Then you knew how hard you were making the course.  After you create your course you can save it and play through it with your friends and family. 

Some of the other game modes that you can play are:
Single Player – Episodes, Wipe Out Max, Course Creator, Contestants, and Costumes
Wipeout Party - 1 to 4 players. Free-For All and Wipe Out Max
Trap Attack -  1, 2 or 3 players – one person uses the gamepad and the other players use Wii Remote and Nunchuck controller and the person with the gamepad can throw balls and activate traps whenever they want to make the course as difficult as they can.

I really think that Activision’s “Wipeout: Create & Crash” is a fun and exciting game to play.  I really enjoyed playing all of the unique courses and also choosing all of the crazy characters.  I also thought that the graphics were great and controls were very easy to learn.  The “build your own course” mode is awesome, and it was fun having my family try and get through the many difficult obstacles.  I know that fans of the show and people that are looking for a fun game to play with family and friends are really going to enjoy “Wipeout: Create & Crash” a lot.

“Wipeout: Create & Crash” is rated “E” for alcohol reference, comic mischief and mild cartoon violence.

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