Metro Students Learn New Skills to Face Bullying

Updated: 10/23/2013 6:36 AM By: Todd Wilson

Sebastian Davin of "Youth Frontiers" sings a tune for some excited fourth graders Tuesday. This day is more than just about song and dance, it's about learning to respect others.

"It's really a day where we are trying to improve some school community," Davin said.

This means breaking away from a normal school day and using a fun atmosphere to teach these kids about the harsh facts of bullying. Fifth grader David Rivera says, he's seen several classmates bullied at school.

"First of all it's not good, second of all I really don't like that and third of all it's so annoying," Rivera said.

Three times throughout the day they meet in small groups. Team leaders will talk to them about empathy, conflict resolution to kindness. School social worker, Cathy Schacher says, this is the fourth time the school has gone on a retreat with youth frontiers. She says, the program reinforces their daily standards they hold for their students.

"We're an international Baccalaureate school so we talk a lot about being principled and having integrity," Schacher said.

By the end of the day everyone is expected to commit to being kinder to their classmates and teachers more from this day forward.

During the 2012-2013 school year, Youth Frontiers says, more than 113-thousand students and educators from grades fourth through 12th took part in its programs.