COLUMN: Aaron’s Backstage Pass: Risk: “The Walking Dead, Survival Edition” Board Game Review

Updated: 10/31/2013 11:38 AM By: Aaron Chalich

Photo courtesy of Aaron Chalich
Photo courtesy of Aaron Chalich

I really enjoy playing board games and a game that I really enjoy playing is “Risk.”  I spent a lot of time in my youth playing this game with friends, and it is a great game of strategy. 

The game board is a map of the world, and your objective is to try and control as many countries as you can and to eliminate the other players.

USAopoly has just released “Risk: The Walking Dead Survival Edition,” and it is amazing.

If you have read my review of “Monopoly: The Walking Dead Survival Edition,” you will know that I am a huge fan of “The Walking Dead,” and to have a “Walking Dead”-themed Risk board game is awesome in my opinion.

I forgot to mention how great the box art was in my review of “Walking Dead Monopoly,” and it is also amazing for “The Walking Dead Risk.”  The pictures are very detailed, and they show the survivors fighting a hoard of zombies. It looks like it is right out of the Robert Kirkman comic.

The game board looks pretty cool and is completely different from the original “Risk” game board.  Instead of having a map of the world, there is a map of a southern region in the United States that has 32 different areas. Different areas of the region like a golf course, elementary school and farmland have replaced the countries. Fans of the comic and show will recognize some of the areas like the Green Family Farm and the Woodbury Hospital.

The military game pieces have also been replaced by new survivor and Walker game pieces, which look awesome.  Up to five people can play Risk and there are four different colored survivor game pieces (Governor’s Group, Rick’s Group, Prisoner Group, and Green Family Group) and one set of Walker game pieces.  One survivor is represented by one figure, and a military truck represents three survivors.

In order to win, you must survive all of the Walker outbreaks and attacks from the opposing groups.  You draw a card on your turn, and if you draw the “OVERRUN” card, the game is over.  The player with the most points wins, and that is determined by how many territories, zones and strategic locations you control.  You also get points for every ammo crate and bullet you have collected.

The rules are pretty much the same, but there are some new rules.  The game comes with a very nice rule book that explains and shows you how to play “The Walking Dead Risk” very well. 

On your turn you must do the following:
 - resolve Walker outbreaks
 - draw or resolve an event (If you draw the OVERRUN card the game is over)
 - gain and deploy survivors
 - invade an opposing group of walker territories
 - make a maneuver and collect an ammo crate if you can

There is also another way you can play “The Walking Dead Risk” called Conquest.

I think this was my favorite way to play because the object of the game is to be the first to control all of the territories on the board and eliminate all of the other groups.  The game continues until a player accomplishes both objectives.

I think that “Risk: The Walking Dead Survival Edition” is awesome.  There are many different themed Risk games out there, and this one is by far my favorite one.  The artwork on the box and game board are amazing.  The player pieces and walker pieces look cool and are very well designed.  The instructions explain how to play both versions of Risk very well and show detailed examples.  I would highly recommend that you pick up “Risk” The Walking Dead Survival Edition” if you are a fan of the comic or series or if you are looking for a unique version of the classic board game.

“Risk: The Walking Dead Survival Edition” can be found at your local comic book store.

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