Nicollet Mall Makeover on Minneapolis Wish List

Updated: 10/29/2013 8:06 PM By: Tom Hauser

Some Minnesota lawmakers are touring dozens of potential building projects in Minneapolis and St. Paul this week that could be in line for funding through the 2014 bonding bill.

Likely to be at the top of the Minneapolis "wish list" is $25 million to help finance a Nicollet Mall makeover. The state money would be matched by up to $25 million in city and private funding. 

David Frank, the city's Director of Transit Development, calls it "Minnesota's Main Street" and is appropriate for state funding. "It's a place that people come to work," he says.  "It's a place that people use to commute. It's a place that people come to go to restaurants and shop at stores and we're very excited about getting going on the project."

The mall first gained national attention with several images used in the opening montage of the "Mary Tyler Moore Show" in the 1970's. 

It was renovated in the late 1980's with state, city and private money.  Now the mall features a statue of Mary Tyler Moore and city officials hope to convince state lawmakers she deserves to be surrounded by a mall for the 21st century.