Homeowners Near Woodbury Lake Want Hunters Gone

Updated: 10/30/2013 8:38 PM KSTP.com By: Todd Wilson

The sound of early morning gunfire is waking some neighbors in Woodbury.

That's because as new housing developments continue to expand, hunters and homes are getting closer together.

Right now, those who hunt and those who live in the area exist side-by-side. But now, neighbors in the Bailey Lake area say they're tired of the early wake-up calls by gunshots and how close the gunfire is to their homes.

"It's just shots going off. And they go repeatedly for maybe an hour until the geese kind of take off," said Kathy Jorgensen who lives in the area.

A large yellow portion of the City of Woodbury hunting access map shows where hunting can take place with a permit and landowner permission. A large portion of Bailey Lake is in the yellow. But Jorgensen wants a change so she approached the city with a petition. She had the names of 66 of her neighbors in the hunting area who want it to stop.

"I got equal contact from hunters who have said we're hunting legally and safely and have encouraged us to keep the map the way it is," Mayor Mary Giuliani Stephens said.

She says the map will stay the way it is for now, but she will consider re-shaping the map as the city's population grows.

"Absolutely, that's an on-going piece," she said.

That's a hard pill to swallow for Jorgenson and her neighbors. They're just looking to get their quiet mornings back.

"I'm sure they're not thrilled," she said.