You Solve: Still No Closure after 'Angel Baby' Found in River

Updated: 10/31/2013 7:45 AM By: Leslie Dyste

A mystery surrounds the death of a baby found floating in a bag in the Mississippi River near Winona two years ago.

The tiny infant was nicknamed "Angel Baby."

KSTP's Bill Lunn met with Winona Sheriff Dave Brand recently to talk about the unsolved case.

He learned Sheriff Brand is a man who won't rest until he gets this case solved.

She was called "Angel Baby" because of angel statues that were found inside the bag that someone stuffed her in. It's possible she was still alive at that point.

The baby's body was found floating in the river, south of Winona, by some boaters on Sept. 5, 2011.

For Sheriff Brand and his wife Pamela, this case became something personal, so they wanted to give the baby something. They decided to give the baby a baptism, a funeral and a proper burial at Woodlawn Cemetery in Winona.

Other law enforcement officers and firefighters also attended the funeral.

Sheriff Brand, Pamela and others helped raise about $2,000 for the expenses surrounding the funeral and burial.

Aside from the angels, there were a few other clues.

The bag she was found in had the word "Manzanillo" on it, a resort city in Mexico. The baby was wrapped in a green t-shirt, and there was a piece of jewelry in the bag.

Many tips came in at first. Investigators compared DNA evidence with some potential suspects, but where Angel came from remains a mystery.

"I'd like to have closure on it. Why this took place, why the baby was found in the river," Sheriff Brand said.

All he can do now is turn to the public. He says they just want to learn who the mother of Angel is.

If you have any information that can help the investigation, call the Winona County Sheriff's Department at 507-457-6368 or Crimestoppers there at 507-457-6530.