Weekend Box Office: 'Ender's Game' and 'Last Vegas'

Updated: 11/01/2013 4:34 PM KSTP.com By: Heidi Enninga

Casey Messer, host of The Reelz Show, gives you a preview of what's hot at the box office this weekend.

Out this weekend: A gifted kid prepares for an alien invasion in "Ender's Game," and it's the "Hangover" plus 30 years in "Last Vegas."

Based on the sci-fi novel, "Ender's Game" is now on the big screen. Preparing for an alien invasion, an exceptionally gifted child named Ender Wiggin is sent to military school in space.

Think "The Hangover" but with older men - like double the age of the Wolfpack- and you get Rober De Niro, Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline tearing it up in Vegas one last time before their buddy Michael Douglas takes the plunge and marries a much younger woman. See the guys get in a little trouble in "Last Vegas."