Last-Minute Campaigning Attempts to Sway Mpls. Voters

Updated: 11/04/2013 7:46 AM By: Kate Renner

You've seen the long list of candidates running for mayor of Minneapolis.

With just one full day left before the election, KSTP is tracking the final efforts to win over undecided voters.

Perhaps you've seen fliers in your mailbox or signs on neighbors' yards with the names of front-runners. But with a crowded field, and no clear favorite, we wanted to know if last-minute campaigning could influence voters.

At this time of year, campaign pamphlets are about as common as falling leaves.

Hamline University Political Science Chair Joe Peschek says that with so many candidates running, the paper trail directs voters to see what makes them unique. "These mailings are very carefully produced to create an image of the candidate, how they identify with the community, what their issues are and sometimes who has endorsed them," Peschek said.

But Peschek says the most effective campaigning is the most personal. "Contact is key," Peschek says, "Preferably by the candidate himself or herself."

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