St. Louis Park Rinks Install Cameras as Safety and Learning Tools

Updated: 11/03/2013 10:34 PM By: Tim Sherno

Last December, then 15-year-old Elena Basill took a hit during a hockey game, and didn't get back up, "I don't remember much."

Basill was taken from the game by ambulance where the next thing she recalled was, "Waking up in the hospital."

Elena's father, John Basill says it was almost a full day before family knew Elena was going to be alright. After that Elena's mom and dad hit the books, "We spent hours and hours researching concussions to determine what happened to her."

Basill says he was frustrated to learn a critical piece of information didn't exist, "There was no film to see exactly how this concussion happened." According to Basill, there are different types of concussions, and knowing what type of concussion Elena experienced could have helped doctors effort to treat her.

Steve Rosen is the President of the Saint Louis Park Hockey Association. He says when members of the association learned about the value of video in treating a concussion, the association took action, "We step up, we go, 'OK, let's deal with the problem. Let's figure out how we can prevent that in the future."

The Saint Louis Parks and Rec Center hockey rinks now both have cameras installed that are capable of recording everything that happens on the ice. Rosen says the idea had popular support, "Everybody is on-board to make the game better and safer."

Another use for the cameras is as a learning tool. Rosen says the video can be used by coaches to show players better, safer skating skills.

The cameras are expected to be in use soon. The hope is that they'll be accessible through the internet allowing anyone with web access to watch games and practices.