Wildcat Sanctuary Investigation

Updated: 11/04/2013 7:50 PM KSTP.com By: Jennie Olson

Wildcat Sanctuary Investigation:

Guidestar Report
MN Council for Non-Profits

MN Charities Review Council
The Wildcat Sanctuary
Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries


Statement from Gail Plewacki:

"The Wildcat Sanctuary is one of the most respected sanctuaries in the entire country. The superior animal care, spacious and natural habitats, willingness to facilitate rescues around the country, and sustainability make TWS a model for others. The Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries and the American Sanctuary Association have both given TWS their highest endorsement after rigorous onsite reviews of animal care and organizational administration.
We have a board of directors comprised of bright,  talented folks passionately committed to the mission of TWS.  Among these board members is Peggy Callaghan, the current executive director of the Wildlife Science Center and renowned wolf expert. We also have a skilled attorney,  two members with exceptional HR management skills, and a very successful businesswoman and significant donor.

Several months ago the board of directors conducted a thorough review of a handful of allegations against the executive director from admittedly disgruntled employees. We took those allegations seriously, and upon conclusion of our review the board retained Tammy Thies as a vital and important part of our organization.
TWS has always been and remains true to its mission to provide homes for life to captive wild cats; to never buy, breed or sell animals; to not exhibit or use them for profit; and to advocate for the end of the captive wildlife crisis. Regardless of allegations, The Wildcat Sanctuary has not deviated from its mission and vision.
A special, independent audit commissioned by the board concluded several weeks ago that there has been no theft from the organization. Also, absolutely no animal has been harmed or lacked for care at the sanctuary. Any such accusations are patently false. In addition, we value and appreciate our donors above all else, have never misled them and have steadfastly dedicated the funding they so generously give to caring for the cats."