On the Road: Sen. Chuck Wiger's Unique Landscape Creation

Updated: 11/04/2013 5:26 PM KSTP.com By: Jason Davis

When Minnesota state Sen. Charles Wiger bought a small property on the shores of Lake Superior just east of Grand Marais he planned on just spending weekends, vacations and his retirement there.

Chuck had no interest or experience in gardening or landscaping his getaway, but a storm brought down a couple of trees in his front yard and rather than cutting them up and hauling them away, Chuck decided to cover them with rocks from the nearby cliffs, stones from the lake and driftwood cast up on the nearby beaches.

Today, tourists come from miles around to gaze in wonder at the amazing collection piled high along the entire frontage of the holiday home. It has huge embankments of carefully placed rocks and wood with a series of stone paths that wind their way through the collection.

What is even more surprising is that Wiger, 61, placed every rock and stone himself - some pieces weighing more than 100 pounds.