COLUMN: Aaron's Backstage Pass: 'Sonic Lost World' Wii U Review

Updated: 11/09/2013 5:53 PM By: Aaron Chalich

Photo courtesy of Sega
Photo courtesy of Sega

Everyone’s favorite hedgehog is back in one of his greatest adventures yet. 

That’s right, Sonic is back in Sega’s “Sonic Lost World.”

This past week I received a review copy of “Sonic Lost World,” and I think it is the best “Sonic the Hedgehog” game that has been released for many reasons.

First of all, I really enjoyed the story and thought that it was very creative and exciting. 

In “Sonic Lost World,” Sonic, Tails, and Amy are chasing after the evil Dr. Eggman in a bi-plane because he has once again captured innocent cute and fury animals. Dr. Eggman puts the animals into destructive robots and Sonic and his friends can free them by destroying the robots.

Dr. Eggman drops the canister containing the animals and shoots Sonic’s bi-plane. The animals, along with the Sonic and his friends, crash on a strange new planet called Hex world. 

The heroes must now try and rescue all of the animals and try to fix their plane so they can leave Hex World. 

You soon learn that Dr. Eggman has several very deadly creatures known as the “Deadly Six” under his power and he plans on using them against Sonic.  

The graphics in “Sonic Lost World” are fantastic. They are very colorful and the “Deadly Six” look amazing. All of the little animals that you rescue are very detailed, and there can be tons of them on the screen at once. The enemies also look great. Every level has its own unique robots that Sonic can destroy. 

The backgrounds and levels also look amazing. Every level has its own unique look and theme. There are many different paths that Sonic can take, and that’s what makes “Sonic Lost World” fun.

The world map is made up of hexagonal spaces and you can move around to different zones and levels. The zones will unlock once you beat a level, or have a certain amount of rescued animals. There is also a circus tent-mini game that will unlock. This is really cool because you use the gamepad and move a trampoline left and right trying to catch Sonic as he is launched up in the air breaking balloons. 

The controls are extremely easy to learn and Sonic has a lot of moves and abilities. He can run, jump, double jump, duck, dash, kick, bounce and do a spin dash. Some of the new things that Sonic can do are vault and jump over walls and sky dive between islands. 

One new thing that Sonic can do is parkour actions. He can climb walls, hang from ceilings and do wall jumps. 

Sonic now can lock onto six enemies when they are close and can attack them. He can also use a homing attack when he is in the air. He will lock onto the enemies, and he will attack all of them. It looks pretty cool.

One really neat power that Sonic has is his color power. In some levels there are wisps that Sonic can find.  If you touch the wisp icon on the top of the right of the gamepad you will be able to make Sonic fly through the levels and smash through enemies at super-fast speeds by sliding your finger across the touch screen. 

Sonic just has so many moves and powers and the last one I want to mention is his “Indigo Asteroid” power. This is really crazy, Sonic will turn into an asteroid, and if you move the gamepad left and right you will move him back and forth, and for a short time, he will destroy everything in his way. He will destroy platforms and enemies. It is really cool.

I really thought that it was very easy to control Sonic in “Lost World.”  In some of the past Sonic games he moved so fast that he was very hard to control, and you would crash into things or fall off ledges. I was happy to see that his speed was toned down in a way where at any time, you could slow him down to where you can make a jump and not fall off a cliff. Sonic still moves at lightning fast speed, but he is just easier to control.

As you play through each level, you will encounter many different items and power ups that will help Sonic.

Sonic needs to collect rings, and if he gets hit he will lose all of his rings. It is really important to have at least one ring because if you get hit without any rings, you will lose a life.

There are super rings that contain 10 rings; one-ups; springs that will launch you in many directions; boosters that will make you run lighting fast; mini capsules that contain animals and red star rings. Every level has five red star rings, and it is really fun trying to find them because they are hidden in each level.  Once you find all five, you will get a special bonus.

There are few different modes that you can play that are very fun and challenging. There is a time attack mode for every zone. You have to try and see how fast you can complete the level. Your time will be posted online for other people to see. You can also filter the rankings, which is awesome. You can see your friends, national rankings or world rankings. I really liked this because I thought it was exciting to see how I ranked on each level with people from all over the world.

My daughter and I had a great time playing the co-op mode. This is such a fun feature, because one person controls Sonic, and the other person controls a radio-controlled helicopter. The person that is controlling the helicopter can fly around using the Wiimote and Nunchuck or the Wii U Pro Controller and help Sonic destroy enemies.

You can also play two player races, which are also very fun. There is a speed race, expert race and ring race. In speed race, you try and see who can make it to the goal first. In expert race you go through a very tricky stage, and you also have to see who can make it through the stage first. In the ring race, you have to see who can collect the most rings in a certain amount of time.

When you first start out, you get to choose your Mii character, race and level you want to play.  As you complete zones, you will unlock new and more challenging levels to race. There is a “Grand Prix” option, and this will let you play all of the zones in a row. 

There are also items that you can get in the races that will help you beat the other player. There are power sneakers that will increase your running speed for ten seconds; missiles that you can fire at your opponent; gray wisps that stun the other player; warps; steal ring icons that will let you steal a random amount of rings; thunder shields that protect you; invincibility icons; slow down icons that will slow your opponent down for ten seconds; super rings that contain ten rings and a change ring icon that will swap your rings with the other player.

The review copy that I received was the “Deadly Six Bonus Edition,” and it featured a brand new level that you could download from Nintendo’s e-shop.  This is really awesome, because you go into a dream world and fight new monsters and all of the “Deadly Six” villains.

I really enjoyed Sega’s “Sonic Lost World” a lot. I thought the story was great and exciting. I also thought the “Deadly Six” looked amazing, and that the “Deadly Six” bonus level was very challenging and fun to play.  Sonic was so much easier to control, and it was fun learning and experimenting with his new moves.  I also liked how each level had multiple ways you could go through them. I think it gives “Lost World” a great replay value. The multi-player races and co-op modes are fun, and I think they are great for families and friends to play together.

I know that fans of Sonic the Hedgehog are really going to enjoy “Sonic Lost World” a lot, because there is such a great combination of features from past Sonic games that fans will recognize and a ton of new powers and levels to explore.

“Sonic Lost Levels” is rated “E” for mild cartoon violence.

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