November Snow Blows into Minn., Leaves Wet Roads

Updated: 11/06/2013 5:40 AM By: Tim Sherno

Snow in St. Louis Park
Snow in St. Louis Park
Photo: Photo: Jeffrey Robertson

Minnesotans are getting a sneak peek at winter. A November storm moved across the state Tuesday evening, dumping several inches of snow. In southwestern Minnesota, a trained spotter measured 8.5 inches of snow about 6 miles to the east-southeast of Marshall.

The National Weather Service says a spotter estimated 8 inches of snow 5 miles north-northwest of Holland. Other snowfall reports include 3.5 inches near Kingston and in Granite Falls and 3 inches in Sacred Heart.

Depending on where you start your morning commute, and where you plan on going, you will likely encounter different road conditions.

Larry Cotter, a driver for Smart Delivery Services has been navigating metro highways and streets for more than 10 years.

Cotter says different road conditions will have different impacts on drive times. For example, if your commute passes through an area where the snow only stuck to the grass, but not the streets, Cotter says you should have smooth sailing, "That'll slow it down a little bit." He says not much more than a rain event.

If the roads on your drive are slushy, Cotter says expect delays. If your commute is 30 minutes, plan ahead, "It'll probably add 10 minutes on the road."

And if your drive is through an area with several inches of snow, with plowable snow on the roads, Cotter says there's no way to estimate how long commutes will take. "You mean like a parking? You'll be at 'parking speed,' that's what I call it," he said.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation says they'll have trucks out as needed and cautions that this is the first snowfall of the season and drivers should exercise additional caution. 

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