Students, Protesters Rally Against 'Redskins' Name

Updated: 11/08/2013 7:41 AM By: Josh Rosenthal

Photo: Photo: KSTP/Jim O'Connell

If you think football fans are as passionate as they get, you haven't met the students at Takoda Prep High School in Minneapolis.

"Our ancestors - they were slaughtered, they were scalped - and we don't want to be remembered by that," Lucille Norris said.

Most of the students at Takoda Prep are Native Americans, and overwhelmingly, they're against the Washington football team using the name "Redskins."

"Saying it's an honor for us, it's really not," explained Norris. "It needs to be changed."

Added classmate KayLa Magee, "I find it disrespectful for Native Americans to still be getting treated this way."

The students aren't alone. Just this week, six Minneapolis city council members sent a letter to the NFL and Redskins Owner Daniel Snyder expressing their disapproval of the team name.

We asked the team for a response, and they passed along a letter, sent to Redskins fans in October. It cites surveys and interviews and says the Redskins name doesn't offend many Native Americans. It also says "Washington Redskins" is more than a name, "it's a symbol of everything we stand for: strength, courage, pride, and respect - the same values we know guide Native Americans."

We asked the students about the letter. They say the name still has to go.

As Norris put it, "I just think it's a matter of time before it changes because us people, our people, my people -- we won't stop until it's changed."