DNR Officer Gives Tips for Avoiding Injuries, Fines this Deer Season

Updated: 11/08/2013 2:34 PM KSTP.com By: Katherine Johnson

Hunters are making last-minute preparations ahead Minnesota's firearms deer hunting season, but DNR conservation officer Greg Salo said safety should be a priority, especially during the busy opening weekend.

Nearly 70 percent of the deer harvested during the season are taken during opening weekend, but each season, among the stories of prize bucks are accidents.

"Every year it seems like we hear a horror story that someone gets shot," Salo said.

Salo said he knows how dangerous opening weekend can be, recounting his fall while setting up his deer stand that injured his leg.

"It's not always harvesting a deer; it's making sure you come home safe," Salo said.

Hunters must wear visible blaze orange above the waist, remain harnessed to deer stands while in them, and refrain from baiting deer.

Salo said 98 percent of the deer feed in the stores is illegal in Minnesota and will cost you your license, your firearm, and a $400 fine.