Deer Baiting Citations At All-Time High in Minn.

Updated: 11/08/2013 7:46 PM By: Ellen Galles

Minnesota deer hunters are ready for the firearm season to open right before sunrise Saturday. But beware: the Department of Natural Resources will be on the hunt for those who are breaking the law.

Deer-baiting citations are at an all-time high and the penalties are stricter than ever.

In 2012, the DNR wrote 160 citations for deer baiting, 49 warnings and confiscated 135 firearms. It's legal to feed deer, but it's illegal to use feed, also called bait, for hunting purposes.

"It's pretty much like leading lambs to the slaughter. It doesn't provide chase and it concentrates all the deer in one area," said Greg Salo, with the Minnesota DNR.

If you're caught deer baiting, you could face a $400 fine, surrender your firearm and lose your hunting license for a year.