On the Road: Those Who Serve

Updated: 11/11/2013 7:59 PM KSTP.com By: Jason Davis

In his never-ending quest for interesting stories in and around Minnesota, Jason Davis often comes across people who are outstanding because of the service they provide.

Artist Charles Kapsner who spends a lot of his valuable time working on giant murals celebrating all branches of the armed forces. Veterans give up their time to sit for hours as models to help him.

Then there are the two unselfish women who work hard to provide a safe haven for veterans who have nowhere else to turn. It’s a tranquil property in central Minnesota they call the "Eagles Nest."

In the Southwest corner of the state, a unique group of World War II vets gather every week to support each other and vie for a strange trophy. They call it the "Last Man Club," and the winner will be the only one left to drink a very special bottle of whiskey.

Service is also high on the agenda at a couple of unusual stories, one an old-fashioned place where the clerk still gets your groceries off the shelf for you, and the other, a market where the owner literally gave away the store.

Meet one of the first female bus drivers in Minnesota. Today, Ruby Huls is hauling the grandchildren of the kids she took to school 50 years ago.

Not many could be more generous with their time than Sharon Gill. She plays hundreds of songs on the piano in a Duluth cancer clinic that she knows by heart. She has to learn them all without music, because Sharon is totally blind.