LIST: Election Results Now Official in City of Minneapolis

Updated: 11/12/2013 4:40 PM By: Leslie Dyste

Election results have been certified in the City of Minneapolis, according to Matthew Laible with the City of Minneapolis.

Here is a list of the official results:

Mayor: Betsy Hodges

City Council Ward 1: Kevin Reich

City Council Ward 2: Cam Gordon

City Council Ward 3: Jacob Frey

City Council Ward 4: Barbara Johnson

City Council Ward 6: Abdi Warsame

City Council Ward 7: Lisa Goodman

City Council Ward 8: Elizabeth Glidden

City Council Ward 10: Lisa Bender

City Council Ward 11: John Quincy

City Council Ward 12: Andrew Johnson

Park and Recreation Board District 1: Liz Wielinski

Park and Recreation Board District 3: Scott Vreeland

Park and Recreation Board District 4: Anita Tabb

Park and Recreation Board District 5: Steffanie Musich
City question 1: Yes
City question 2: Yes

Also Tuesday, the Minneapolis City Council heard a proposal to increase the filing fees for municipal elections.

The goal is to cut down on the number of candidates in the future.

Currently, the fee is $20 to run for office, and there were 35 candidates for mayor in the past election. The proposal would increase the filing fee to $500 for mayor and $250 for council members.

Candidates wouldn't have to pay the filing fee if they file a petition.

A public hearing is scheduled Dec. 5.

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