Concert Review: Brad Paisley Brings His Beat This Summer Tour to St Paul

Updated: 02/18/2014 9:40 AM By: Sarina Long

Young fan gets autographed Brad Paisley guitar
Young fan gets autographed Brad Paisley guitar

Brad Paisley at the Xcel Energy Center
Brad Paisley at the Xcel Energy Center

Another lucky young fan takes home a special souvenir. Michael from Brooklyn Center with his parents.
Another lucky young fan takes home a special souvenir. Michael from Brooklyn Center with his parents.

Brad Paisley proved to fans of all ages that he is more than just a country music guy last night at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul. 

His opening montage was a little confusing -- there were two video screens on each side that had one theme and then a giant screen that took up the entire stage with lasers portraying a flying Paisley from major cities around the world.

Moments later, Paisley appears strumming his guitar and up to his mic -- which unfortunately was not turned on.

Hey, sound guy, wake up buddy, there's a concert going on.

"Let's pretend its about 30 degrees warmer outside," Paisley told fans. 

It seemed odd that Paisley's camp did not come up with another name for the Fall leg of his "Beat This Summer" tour.

The tour recently announced it will be extending its winter leg and changing its name to the "Beat This Winter" tour starting in January and running through March 1, 2014. 

Paisley is a great entertainer -- which he proved just a week ago as he and Carrie Underwood hosted the 2013 CMAs. 

"Look, I know there's plenty of other things y'all could being doing tonight other than lookin' at my ugly face. I just want y'all to know I really appreciate you being here," Paisley told the crowd. 

His sense of humor shined via wacky videos with screaming llamas, cartoon montages of Paisley and his band, even a life-sized muppet Brad Paisley parading around the stage while he sang, "Celebrity." 

Last night's concert had a good mix of classics like "Mud On The Tires," "This Is Country Music," and "Ticks," with a few songs off his latest album, "Wheelhouse" including "Beat This Summer," and "Outstanding In Our Field." 

The most unique moment was when a hologram of Carrie Underwood appeared during the beautiful duet, "Remind Me." 

Paisley did a nice job of connecting with fans of all ages.

He signed a guitar and gave it to a little boy who held it by his side the entire show. 

"If you came here to make out with someone tonight, here's your chance," Paisley told fans. 

Jokes aside, there were plenty of tender moments, especially when the lights dimmed, and it was just Paisley and his guitar strumming along to his hit, "She's Everything." 

Paisley clearly has a soft spot for young fans. He ended his encore by walking over to 8-year-old Michael from Brooklyn Center and placed his cowboy hat on the little boys head. 

I had a chance to talk to Michael and his parents after the show. 

"I felt surprised when he put the hat on my head," Michael said. 

Michael's dad then told me it was his son's first concert, "He's pretty lucky. We're big fans of Brad Paisley because he's a good natured person. He has good values that I want to instill with my family. It's hard to find that in music now." 

"We danced to a Brad Paisley song, Wrapped Around, at our wedding, it was our first dance," Michael's mom said as she wiped away a tear. 

"When we met, all of his music pretty much became a soundtrack for our lives." 

One thing is for sure, fans of all ages left with smiles on their faces last night. 

Openings acts included 17-year-old Danielle Bradbery, this year's winner of The Voice. Then the 2006 winner of Nashville Star, Chris Young played a few hits for the crowd. 

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