Major Websites Fail KSTP Cybersecurity Test

Updated: 11/18/2013 10:53 PM By: Nick Winkler

5 Eyewitness News partnered with Mark Lanterman at Computer Forensic Services to put Wi-Fi and major websites to the test.

Our analysis revealed the majority of the sites tested are vulnerable to a man in the middle Wi-Fi attack.

The device we used, which can be used for hacking, was able to intercept usernames and passwords. It can also be used to intercept text messages, email, and other sensitive information.

Though some of the sites that failed our test say the problem is not with their websites, Lanterman contends the sites that failed can do more to secure customer data.

In all, 73 percent of the sites tested failed the test we performed.

Of just the financial institutions tested, 75 percent failed.

Sites that failed our test, or are vulnerable to interception, include: Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Yahoo, Ebay and MNSure.

Sites that passed our test include, PayPal, Google and Best Buy.

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