St. Cloud: Keep Those Couches Inside Your Houses

Updated: 11/19/2013 10:46 AM By: Jennie Olson

Modern production of Kubus sofa designed by Josef Hoffmann
Modern production of Kubus sofa designed by Josef Hoffmann
Photo: Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The city of St. Cloud says there's a place for couches, and it's not on people's porches.
The City Council voted Monday to ban putting upholstered furniture outdoors on private property where it would be visible from the public right of way.
The issue has become an increasing concern in the city's core neighborhoods, the St. Cloud Times reported, citing city documents.
Violators would get a warning for a first violation, with a $100 fine on the second.
Mary Mathews, a resident of the Southside University neighborhood, said at a public hearing that such an ordinance used to exist and she was glad to see it return. Mathews said it's not just a concern about appearance. She said upholstered furniture can become a health and safety hazard, including being a target for arson.
Council members have also expressed concern about upholstered furniture outside downtown businesses. Joe Kucan, whose Biology Lounge attracted the council's attention with white vinyl couches that he said were made for indoor/outdoor use, said he stopped using the couches outdoors after the council's complaints.

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