INTERVIEW: Minnesotan Helps Newborns at Philippines Hospital After Typhoon

Updated: 11/19/2013 4:40 PM By: Leslie Dyste

Photo: Photo courtesy of Annamarie Saarinen

U.S. officials have confirmed five Americans have died in Philippines Typhoon Haiyan, and more than 5,000 others are either dead or missing.

The tiniest typhoon victims are newborn babies beginning their lives in a nation devastated by the storm.

Annamarie Saarinen is Co-founder of The Newborn Foundation and was on her way to the Philippines for a conference when the typhoon hit.

She landed in an area that survived mostly intact, but the local hospital was full with injured evacuees.

Saarinen pulled together 3,000 diapers, powdered milk and more. Initially the goal was to send supplies to the storm-ravaged area, but the need was so great at the hospital, they distributed the supplies there.