Boy Who Snuck onto Plane Remains in Protective Custody

Updated: 11/20/2013 8:48 PM By: Megan Stewart

Photo: KSTP file photo

The infamous 9-year-old boy who snuck on a plane and flew to Las Vegas is still in protective custody after his court hearing Wednesday.

The purpose of the hearing was to see if Hennepin County and his parents could reach an agreement with a settlement, which they were unable to do.

The county filed a Child in Need of Protection or Services petition, which is referred to as a CHIPS petition, on Oct. 11 in Hennepin County Juvenile Court.

There are only two ways he can be released from the petition that holds him in child protective custody: Either by an agreement between the county and mother or by going to trial and have a judge rule in their favor.

According to his parents, the boy has a history of running away and behavioral issues. They tried to get help for him prior to the boy flying to Vegas to meet a friend he met online.

His next pre-trial court date is set for Dec. 20.