Alumni Hope to Save East Lawn at The Academy of Holy Angels

Updated: 11/22/2013 7:22 PM By: Ellen Galles

A private high school in Richfield is considering selling part of its front lawn to generate cash for the school. 

The Academy of Holy Angels is considering a nearly $6 million offer from a real-estate developer who wants to open a handful of public shops on campus, like a bank, coffee shop and a drug store.  

Since the plan became public, there's been a backlash of skepticism, even criticism from some alumni.  In less than two weeks, more than 700 people signed an online petition to protest the plan.

Some of them are trying to find a different way to raise the millions needed. One possible idea: a Basilica-Block-Party-style event on the east lawn.

Emily Koenig, who's helping organize some of these fundraising efforts says she thinks alumni will eagerly help when they consider the alternative.

"People didn't know Holy Angels needed help, that's what I keep hearing.  They didn't realize the school had a lot of debt and now they are coming forward and they want to help," Koenig said.

At one point, school administrators were hoping to make a decision about the land sale before the end of the year.