Gophers Volleyball Ready to Play Wisconsin and Illinois

Created: 11/26/2013 5:52 PM By: Alex Miller

Volleyball Seniors Tori Dixon and Ashley Wittman
Volleyball Seniors Tori Dixon and Ashley Wittman

Coach Hugh McCutcheon says the team is doing extremely well this season, and gives credit to seniors Tori Dixon and Ashley Wittman. Recently, the two have been honored by the Big Ten conference after having impressive performances against ranked Michigan and Michigan State. 

Both Tori and Ashley, who happen to be roommates, say that all their success comes from being on such a strong team. The two are both excited to play these matches this week with supportive fans, but are also sad it will be their last time at the Pavilion. 

*Click the link above to hear from volleyball coach McCutcheon, and players Wittman and Dixon