200 Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport Workers Protest for Higher Wages

Updated: 11/28/2013 6:35 AM KSTP.com By: Leslie Dyste

An increase in the minimum wage is one of the big issues facing the Minnesota legislature when it convenes in February.

Wednesday, demonstrators pushed for a higher minimum wage. They wanted to make people traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday aware of the fight.

About 200 airport workers gathered outside the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International airport to call for higher wages.

This month, the Service Employees International Union released a report showing some full-time service workers at the airport earn minimum wage.

Most minimum wage workers in the state make the federal rate of $7.25, although the state minimum wage is $6.15.

Many of the airport workers make about 50 cents more than the federal minimum wage. But they support an increase to more than $9 per hour, which will likely be proposed at the legislature.

The protest is part of a week-long push by workers to increase wages.

Last session, the House passed a bill raising the minimum wage to $9.50, but the Senate was at $7.75. A compromise could not be worked out. They'll try again when the legislature reconvenes in February.