KSTP's Jason Davis is 'On the Road' to Retirement

Updated: 12/03/2013 12:33 PM KSTP.com By: Jennie Olson

Jason Davis (left) photographed with 'On the Road' photojournalist Dave Peterson.
Jason Davis (left) photographed with 'On the Road' photojournalist Dave Peterson.
Photo: Photo: Joe Caffrey/KSTP

He’s been all over the world telling people’s stories. You may have seen him reporting from the battlefields in Beirut or standing on top of the North Pole.

Now, after nearly 40 years with KSTP-TV, Reporter Jason Davis is moving on to his next adventure which could include golf! Jason says he's never played the game, but he has family in Australia that plays and he's considering taking up the game.

The host of the popular show “On the Road” has led news crews to more than 35 countries, airing stories about the characters they meet along the way. When asked about his decision to retire, Jason simply said, “It’s time.”

“I’m not moving on to do other things,” he said. “I’ve run my course, and I’ve achieved what I needed to achieve. There are only so many stories out there; I find it more difficult each week to find stories that are interesting and new to me.”

Jason has been honored with numerous awards throughout his 45-year broadcasting career, including an induction into the Minnesota Museum of Broadcasting Hall of Fame as well as the NATAS Silver Circle, the highest honor awarded by the National Television Academy.

“I’m most proud of creating a franchise that is something people enjoy, is successful, and touches people emotionally,” Jason said of “On the Road.” “There are thousands of stories that we’ve told, and that’s a legacy that won’t go away. I was fortunate enough to work for someone who has a sense of adventure and was willing to put his money behind it.”

Even after all of his adventures, Jason doesn’t plan on slowing down after retirement.

“I’m not sick of traveling for fun,” Jason said. “I would like to travel with my wife rather than travel with a photographer; it’s a very different way of traveling. I’ve also got relatives in England and Australia, so I’ll be spending time with them as much as I can.”

Jason says a career as a broadcaster is based on a simple rule, "You're only as good as your last story. That's the one people remember."

His last day at KSTP-TV will be May 30, 2014.

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