Colder Temperatures Lead to Cracked or Shattered Plastic Bumpers

Updated: 12/11/2013 11:16 AM By: Megan Stewart

The shop at Hamline Autobody gives it's own kind of traffic report from the past few days.

Every year we go through the same thing lots of car casualties. This results in a lot of bumpers and fenders that are cracked or even completely missing. The cause may obvious, but it doesn't make it any less damaging.

Drivers not giving enough distance between cars. They're driving too fast which causes them to slide into each other, according to a mechanic at Hamline Autobody.

Now the single-digit temps bring on another complication.  Most cars have a lot of plastic on the body. Plastic becomes brittle in the severe cold which makes it much more prone to shattering.

Some of the smaller hits where it might be kind of minor of it's 65 or 70 degrees, but there's a lot more damage the colder the weather becomes

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