Don't Want to Shovel Your Driveway? There's an App for That

Updated: 12/11/2013 7:39 AM By: Tim Sherno

A new app will debut in the Twin Cities in the next few weeks that can arrange to have your driveway plowed. The app is called PLOWZ, and is available free on Android devices or the iPhone.

After signing up with basic information like address, type and length of driveway a user can request that their driveway be plowed. There's a matching service provider tab in the same app that signals nearby plows that a request has been made. Only nearby drivers are alerted.  When a driver accepts the request, the homeowner is alerted on their device.

Cost is $25 for a driveway 1 or 2 car lengths, and $45 for driveways 9-10 car lengths. No money changes hands, instead,  the cost of the service is billed to the home owner's credit card.

Drivers must apply to join the service. A company spokesman says drivers must meet a high standard, have insurance and pass a background check, and that as many as 60% of drivers who apply have been denied.  

The company is based in Syracuse, N.Y., and expects to have the Twin Cities app active within a few weeks.