Carry-out Workers Keep Spirits Up as Temperatures Drop

Updated: 12/11/2013 12:34 PM By: Katherine Johnson

Lunds in Bloomington is one of the only grocery stores in the Twin Cities metro left with faithful baggers who are prepared to brave the elements and carry your groceries to your car.

KSTP met up with carry-out worker Andrew Thomas on Wednesday, and he was wearing a light jacket, unzipped, in sub-zero weather. He says he makes about 250 trips back and forth between the store and the parking lot each day. But, this hardy Minnesotan won't let the weather get him down.

"I just keep a positive attitude and be cheerful and that's how I stay warm," Thomas said, giving away his best tip for the frigid weather.

"I have very bad shoulders and my hip is gone and I really need it," said shopper June Carpenter. "I appreciate it. I really do."

Thomas' attitude is much appreciated, as well. Carpenter also said she looks forward to grocery shopping just so she can see Thomas' big contagious smile.