MNsure Adds Staff to Fix Problems Ahead of Sign-Up Deadline

Updated: 12/11/2013 6:56 PM By: Todd Wilson

The deadline is coming quickly for Minnesotan's to sign up with MNsure.

But there's a problem, some people say MNsure's process of signing up people is plagued with problems.

MNsure says it's getting just shy of 3,000 calls a day. Call times are averaging around 12 minutes.

"A lot of consumers have questions about coverage and just questions about- 'help me walk through the application or how do I figure out what the tax credit for me or might not be," said Jenni Bowring-McDonough of MNsure.

But, complaints against MNsure are growing. The gripes range from not being able to get in touch with their information line, or the website is slow or has crashed.

This is troublesome considering the deadline for folks to sign up and be covered by Jan. 1 is Dec. 23. Bowring-McDonough says MNsure has taken the steps to fix these problems.

"We've added 27 call center staff representatives. They are on the phones right now, they've been fully trained. And they are joining the staff already in place. Next week we will be adding 15 more," she said.

Plus they teamed up with the Department of Human Services, and will soon add another 17 staffers to answer calls for enrollment.

MNsure is also encouraging people who need help to check out one of their local community assisters.

MNsure expects more than 1 million Minnesotans will need help finding health care coverage.