Interim MNsure Chief Addresses Conflict of Interest Questions

Updated: 12/19/2013 7:22 AM By: Nick Winkler

Scott Leitz, who has ties to the health care industry, will now lead MNsure in the interim after the former chief executive officer of MNsure resigned amid controversy. Leitz, the assistant commissioner at DHS, brokered an illegal deal that allowed Amplatz Children's Hospital to receive $3 million it was not entitled to.

Leitz says the legislative intent behind the law in question was not reflected in the law's language. Ultimately, Amplatz was ordered to repay millions of dollars.

Political analysts say that while Leitz brings technical expertise to the MNsure job, his ties to the health care industry create the potential for a conflict of interest.

Separately, Leitz also took a free trip to Germany recently with HMO executives, insurance lobbyists, and lawmakers. The trip was to learn more about German health care.

Leitz says the trip was an extremely valuable learning experience. Leitz made the trip with lawmakers who are now tasked with overseeing him in his role as interim CEO of MNsure.