North Mpls. Residents Complain of Blood Left in Street After Murder

Updated: 12/20/2013 2:49 PM By: Todd Wilson

Sandra Martin lives right in front of a deadly crime scene in the 3700 block of Girard Avenue North in Minneapolis. She says, a man’s body was taken away but nobody bothered to clean up his blood.  

"And it was a huge puddle," she said.

Pictures of the crime scene show blood spattered in the snow. Thursday we saw kids shoveling their sidewalks or walking up and down the street all afternoon.

Phillip Murphy is the one who took the pictures. He believes if a murder happened in the "nice neighborhoods," the blood would have been cleaned up immediately.

"When there's blood in the streets of North Minneapolis this is all to common, that there's no response to clean up the crime scenes," Murphy said.

The Minneapolis Police Department is responsible for the clean up. Their protocol includes a supervisor or senior officer to contact the fire department to remove medical trash, blood, or body fluids when the investigation is done.

MPD says, they didn't call out the fire department because it was snowing, there were too many cars parked on the street and the water would have turned the snow into ice. A Bobcat showed up days later piling the snow up to the curb.

Residents are angry. They vented their frustration on Facebook to each other and the city. They got the city's attention.

City Council President Barb Johnson told KSTP the council plans on adding to the police department’s protocol when it comes to cleaning a crime scene. They are going to have public works involved 24/7 if the officers need to have a bobcat to clean a scene of any blood or debris.

Martin says, it's about time.