New Prague Woman: 'Enrolling in Mnsure is a Part-Time Job'

Updated: 12/20/2013 9:19 PM By: Todd Wilson

Terry Jacobson says she has spent nearly 25 hours of her time trying to enroll in MNsure. So, if she's a little emotional i think you can understand why.

"They need to do something, my hands are tied. They need to do something to take of this for me," she said.

Jacobson first filled out her application Nov. 5. Eventually she was able to get back in and pick her insurance.

"I've got records, confirmation records from MNsure that I paid for Blue Cross insurance on my Visa. I also printed out my Visa to show MNsure did charge it to my Visa. And what do I get a couple days later? A bill in the mail from MNsure," she said.

Throughout this process she was told to start over twice. Friday the 20th she had an appointment with a supervisor with MNsure. She was told to wait by her computer for a call. She was going to have to start over for the third time. But that supervisor never called.  I think that was the last straw for her and MNsure.

"When they say, they'll make an appointment to help us through, follow through on that. We followed through, I followed through every single thing they asked," Jacobson said.

Friday we asked MNsure directly about Jacobson's case.

"To her, please know that our hope and our intentions since the day that MNsure was just an idea has been to get Minnesotans the coverage that they need," Jenni Bowing-McDonough of MNsure said.

Jacobson says, she will believe it when she sees it.

"This is just all crazy," she said.  

Meanwhile, Minnesota's health insurance marketplace is extending by one week its deadline for signing up for coverage that takes effect on the first of the new year.
The new interim CEO of MNsure says Friday that a Monday deadline for signing up will be extended to Dec. 31. That means people will be able to enroll right up to the day before the insurance takes effect. In addition, MNsure leader Scott Leitz says people will have until Jan. 10 to pay for their coverage.