Website Calculates Santa's Salary

Updated: 12/24/2013 7:38 PM By: Josh Rosenthal

Santa Claus has a lot of jobs. He has to make time for tons of kids, and he has to manage a workshop full of elves.

"Aw man, there was saw dust and electronic parts flying everywhere," Santa told us (we found him at the Mall of America). "I mean those little guys move when they have to move."

So if Santa got an annual salary, what would it be? ran the numbers. They used Bureau of Labor Statistics wage data for Santa's many jobs. Those jobs included manufacturing executive -- Santa does, after all, run Santa's workshop; investigator -- Santa needs to know if you've been naughty or nice; and also reindeer tender -- no explanation needed for that one.

"It's physical. I mean, it's a lot of work," Santa said.

The final salary? About $138,000 a year, which -- according to people we talked to -- is lo, lo, lo for all those ho, ho, ho's.

Seven year old Sophiea said she thinks Santa actually deserves, "like a million bucks or something."

Aimee Blansette told us, "a gagillion dollars."

And according to Jesse Volk, "it's too low, too low. Unless he's getting a good benefits package and a good retirement, but I don't see him retiring anytime soon."

We asked the man himself about that $138,000 salary too. Santa responded, "I'm not into statistics or numbers, that's why I'm not in accounting."

So Santa may have a lot of different jobs, but apparently accountant isn't one of them. actually calculates Santa's salary every year. This year, he got a 2 percent raise.