Coldest Christmas Eve in 10 Years Builds Character and Memories

Updated: 12/25/2013 3:30 PM By: Beth McDonough

If you stepped outside Tuesday, you know it's so cold it hurts. Temperatures in the Twin Cities dipped to 13 below Tuesday morning.

That makes it the coldest Christmas Eve in 10 years, according to records.

But the temperature and wind chill warnings didn't keep families inside. They found creative ways to withstand the winter freeze.

We live in a community where cold builds character, "it was fun except after a second run at skiing my fingers and feet started freezing," said Collin Taylor.

And on Christmas Eve cold builds memories, "we're not going to stay in all day and hibernate, we thought we'd get out and play a little bit," said Mike Fleetham.

In Burnsville, the Taylor family felt like they had the slopes at Buck Hill to themselves, "actually it was nice because the hill was empty you could ski where you wanted to." 

Don McClure runs Buck Hill, "it's chilly there's no doubt, I think it's still below zero, but we're hardy Minnesotans who get out and do things yet."

Whether it's snowboarding at Buck Hill, ice skating in St. Louis Park, fishing on Crystal Lake, "you're not Minnesotan unless you're out here ice fishing," according to Whitney Luhring.

Even though Andrew Toaves only wore a sweatshirt and jeans, he was feeling so toasty inside his heated ice house, "I had to go outside to cool off earlier because it was pretty warm in here."

But for families who wanted to warm up at Browndale Park, they were out of luck. City leaders in St. Louis Park closed five warming stations, telling us the only time they do that is when the temperature combined with the wind chill drops to a dangerous level of -15.