Minn. Winter Recreation Season is Off to Strong Start

Updated: 12/26/2013 7:24 AM KSTP.com By: Cassie Hart

The snow and the early cold that helped that snow stick around made for a great start to the winter recreation season.

Greg Spoden, the state climatologist at the Department of National Resources, said it would be the best start since 2010.

That's not just for Minnesotans out on the trails, but for those who outfit them with the right equipment to tackle their sport of choice.

At Chopper City Sports in Fridley, salesman Justin Ogg said, "Business as a whole has been up, and over the last week to 10 days it's been bonkers."

The shop has sold more snowmobiles in the past 10 days than in all of last year.

All-terrain vehicles are selling too, along with snow plow winches.

Snowmobile parts are also moving.

Customer Todd Dooley purchased two new snowmobiles this year.

Dooley said, "Things have been kind of difficult with the economy the last four or five years. Things are getting a little better so it's time to get a new machine."

The University of Minnesota Tourism Center found that in 2007-2008 Minnesotans and visitors to Minnesota spent $170 million dollars on snowmobiling trips. It found that the industry raised $15 million for state and local taxes.

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