Drivers Grade St. Paul Streets in Snow Emergency

Updated: 12/27/2013 6:10 AM By: Todd Wilson

Light snow fell Thursday on top of the Christmas Eve snowfall where 2-4" of snow came down in some places. The snow had plow trucks and their crews called into action. Some cities, including St. Paul, declared snow emergencies on Christmas Day.

St. Paul's Public Works Department has taken a beating from residents who feel they weren't doing enough to clean the streets.

With a change in leadership for the department, KSTP went out to ask drivers how public works is doing now.

Traffic was moving smoothly on main streets like Cleveland Avenue. So far this year Lynn Kingsberry is happy with the job the city is doing to plow and salt the roads.

"They're pretty good," she said. What would she give St. Paul roads when it comes to a grade? "like a B+."

This winter Saint Paul's Public Works department went through an internal review. It led to a city re-organization of snow maintenance leadership.

Street Maintenance Manager Kevin Nelson was replaced with City Engineer John Maczko. He will call the shots on snow removal on an interim basis.

Other changes include increasing the use of salt and sand per square mile, along with re-directing $2 million to buy several additional plow trucks.

Lisa Kramer doesn't care about the changes. She's just not happy with the city and their efforts. So we asked her what type of grade would she give public works. "Oh, maybe a D," she said.

But Kramer is much more understanding of the ticket she got today. "I just wasn't aware they were plowing today," she said.

Public works is thanking most folks for moving their cars after their snow emergency was declared. The city says during the first phase, 700 fewer cars were ticketed and 100 fewer cars were towed.

A snow emergency is also in effect for the City of Minneapolis until Friday at 8 p.m. The city said it towed 400 vehicles Thursday.

Click here for snow emergency rules.