Shoppers Look to Local Businesses for Big Discounts

Updated: 12/26/2013 7:15 PM By: Katherine Johnson

With competitive prices around every corner, it's up to the individual stores to lure you in with signs and window displays.

At some small businesses, even the display is for sale as they try to clean out the Christmas inventory.

"This is our first-time grandparenting so we're just learning the ropes," said shopper Leslee Day as she browsed the shelves at Bibelot in St. Paul.

With a new baby grandson in her life, Day is ready to do some spoiling.

"You have two grandparents on the loose going crazy," she said with a smile.

That includes participating in any and all half-priced after Christmas sales.

"It's just such great stuff that's going to last forever at a really good price," said Day.

"We're seeing lots of people still holiday shopping which I think is really interesting," said Cooks of Crocus Hill owner Marie Dwyer. "So people still coming in looking for holiday gifts."

At Bibelot in St. Paul, December sales account for 60 percent of the annual haul.

"I do it every year because the day after, everything is half priced and I come in before Christmas and check it out!" said shopper Maura Gibbons.

"I think the emphasis is buy local," said Sarah Franklin, marketing manager at Bibelot. "It helps the economy and supports your neighbors."

The recent Target security breach doesn't hurt these local shops either. We found people are more loyal to, and trusting of, the neighborhood shops now than ever before.

"We managed to hit all of our numbers which is great," said Dwyer.

At Cooks of Crocus Hill, Christmas sales are the bread and butter of the year.

"The month of December is our busiest month by far," she said. "We are dependent on December."

"I think everyone depends on Christmas a little bit," said Willi Brennaman with Red Balloon Book Shop.

As for Day, she may start local, but she'll brave any crowd for her new grandson.

"We are going to hit the mall after this, but we always start here!" said Day.