Dome Prepares for Crowds with Added Security at Final Vikings Game Sunday

Updated: 12/28/2013 7:10 AM By: Josh Rosenthal

Expect the goalposts to remain standing after the final game in the Metrodome.

"No items, no property of the Metrodome is going to leave that stadium," said Vikings Executive Director of Communications Jeff Anderson. He says the team is beefing up security for the final game this Sunday. A normal Vikings game has 500 private security guards; this week they'll have about 600. Normally they have 60 off-duty police officers; this week they'll have 110.

"We want to be prepared and we want our fans to enjoy this in a responsible and safe way," Anderson said.

What they're trying to avoid is a repeat of the final game at Metropolitan Stadium in 1981, when fans stormed the field, tore down the goalposts, and ripped out seats.

Chester Wolf wasn't there that day, but he worked on the Met Stadium ground crew and currently works as a Metrodome parking attendant.

"It kind of gave me the downside of what a celebration is about," he said of the Met Stadium finale. After all, this is a guy who skipped school to work on the grounds crew for the first baseball game at the Met ... only to be caught by his assistant principal.

"He knew I was playing hookey but he didn't do anything," Wolf laughed. "He thought it was humorous in a way, but he also let me know that I got caught."

For the record, Wolf doesn't think we'll see a repeat of of the Met fiasco this weekend, saying "it's something we as Minnesotans can learn a little bit out of, what we did in '81."

So it may be a different time and a different stadium, but just ask Wolf, it's a lot of the same feelings.

Fans who want a piece of Metrodome history can now buy the stadium's bright-blue seats.
The Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority said Friday that Albrecht Sign Co. of Fridley was awarded the contract to remove and sell the dome's seats.
Albrecht will remove more than 60,000 of the stadium's seats. The company will sell seats in sets of three to six to the public for $60 a seat.
Non-profit groups and community organizations will be charged $40 a seat.
Anyone requesting a specific seat will be charged $80 a seat.
The seats will be removed by Jan. 18, when the power will be turned off at the Metrodome and its roof deflated.

To receive more information about the sale, or to receive a purchase agreement, please contact Tony Manning at, or get details here.

If you have already contacted the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority about obtaining seats, Albrecht Signs will be in direct contact with you.

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