Minn. Company's 'Prank Pack' a Sell Out, Creates Big Reaction on Christmas Nationwide

Updated: 12/27/2013 10:00 PM KSTP.com By: Katherine Johnson

Who hasn't faked excitement upon opening a present you didn't really want.

That's the whole idea behind these gifts--a hat that's also a fishing net, bacon scented dryer sheets and a snuggie that fits up to eight people. What do these items have in common?

None of them are real.

"We do have to straddle the line between ridiculousness and believability. Otherwise, it just doesn't work," said 30 Watt Creative Director Arik Nordby.

The Eden Prairie native founded a billion dollar company--on an empty box.

"I always admired what the pet rock guy did, but I thought he gave away too much by putting a rock in the box. So we just thought, 'Let's just sell an empty box and see how that goes.'" he said.

And the boxes - called the "Prank Packs," are flying off the shelves. This year, more than 1.5 million boxes were sold, and pranks were pulled.

As Christmas approached, the boxes sold out at Target, Wal-mart and Bed Bath and Beyond.

"Many of these products could be made and could be sold," said Nordby.

Proving it only takes an open mind, a quick wit and a little creativity to think outside the box.

There's so much attention to detail on the Prank Pack, Nordby says people still call the office, frustrated that some of these products don't really exist.

Urban Outfitters has asked Nordby to really create the Beer Beard, which is a box that advertises a beard that can hide your beer underneath, but there are currently no plans to implement the products in real life.