New Prague Woman Believes MNsure Enrollment Process is a Failure

Updated: 12/27/2013 10:18 PM By: Todd Wilson

It's been six weeks of extreme frustration for Terry Jacobson when it comes to dealing with MNsure.

"I'm not happy, I need to get this done," she said.

KSTP first sat down with her on Dec. 20, when she said her application was approved and she had paid for insurance.

Then on the 23rd, she got her insurance card in the mail. Jacobson says she even got a post enrollment number to call to make sure everything was ok.

"I tried it every which way, invalid number," she said.

On Dec. 24, Christmas Eve, MNsure told her she needed to start the entire process over. They said they would refund her money.

"She said we really don't have time to be helping individuals on the phone," Jacobson explained.

On Christmas Day, her third application is approved and she's required to pick a plan. However Jacobson says she already has a plan with Blue Cross Blue Shield and now she's really confused.

So she spent more time on the phone Friday trying to get answers. She still doesn't have one.

"I've gotten upset, I've maybe shed a couple tears, no big deal. But there's no one to help me. There's no way I can work through this process doing what they wan me to do," she said.