Fans Can Save Themselves a Seat from the Metrodome

Updated: 12/28/2013 7:47 PM By: Josh Rosenthal

There is enough time left for one more Metrodome memory.

"Not gonna miss the stadium per se, but gonna miss the memories," said Vikings fan Ben Theis before the "Last Season, Last Call" event Saturday at the Metrodome.

Afton Kielsa laughed when asked about her memories of the Metrodome.

"I'm going to my first Vikings game tomorrow, so first and last game of the season," Kielsa said.

Fans can buy a piece of the Dome, too. In an agreement reached Friday it was decided those bright-blue seats will sell in sets of three to six for about $60 each.

Of course, if you're a real Minnesota sports fan, you do have options.

"I don't know that there's another horde of these things besides the ones I've got here," Mark Satterstrom explained at his Harris home. That's where he keeps about 250 of his 600 seats from Metropolitan Stadium, which closed more than 30 years ago.

"So I figure you know somebody's got to restore these things and save them you know for history, and I guess it's me," he said.

Satterstrom found the seats collecting dust in New Salem, North Dakota and paid $4000 for them. He's got both plastic and wood seats for sale on his website, and they go for $175 to $220.

When asked why someone would still want a seat from the Met with seats from the Dome about to hit the market, he said the Met is an old favorite.

"Games close, 7th inning, fly ball, outfielder loses it in the ceiling, thing bounces in the turf, bounces 20 feet up in the air, winning run scores," Satterstrom described. "I mean who likes that? Met Stadium was classic."

That opinion, however, is far from universal.

When asked if she would rather have a seat from the Met or the Dome, Kielsa said the more recent stadium prevails.

"I wasn't alive during the Met so probably the Dome, for sure."