Persistent Problems with MNsure Call Center as Enrollment Deadline Nears

Updated: 12/31/2013 7:24 AM By: Jay Kolls

MNsure executives admit there are still problems with the online enrollment system for people seeking health insurance on the state's new exchange program.

But, they also say, the process is getting better and enrollment since the middle of December is up from 39,000 people to 53,000 enrollees. Yet, there are persistent problems with the MNsure call center where people testified they had to wait nearly an hour to get help while they tried to enroll.

MNsure board members pledged to keep working to fix the call center problems and to continue to "reach out to thousands who are 'stuck' in the system right now."

MNsure executives also told the public that enrollment numbers for small business owners look promising and they expect those numbers to increase if the economic climate improves. Right now, MNsure says about 9,000 households have paid their first health insurance premiums already, which means they are currently covered under MNsure before the deadline even arrives.

The deadline is Tuesday night, to enroll for MNsure.